Got questions? Well here are your answers….


Many may be unfamiliar with the actual design process — how it may unfold, and or an understanding of their responsibility when working with a designer (so that a project may be completed in a timely manner). This page has been created to give an overview, bring some clarity as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

Design can transform businesses which helps to create a stronger bond with your customers as they better identify with your brand. And the design process is one which unfolds between a creative & the client — with communication being a key element. Through an initial gathering of information*, designers essentially interpret and transform your ideas through our creative concepts so that they may be translated into a unique finished product which communicates your message to your audience. There can be many different variables and technologies that go into an actual design depending on its final destination – print, web or mobile.

*ALL PROJECTS begin with an initial Consultation which is Complimentary >>
“Designers are creative partners who use aesthetic tools to communicate your message more effectively”

Please Note: It’s important for clients to understand and respect the fact that design studios & creative professionals ARE business owners too. With this in mind, this Studio does not work “on a speculative basis” which means “free work to see if you like it”.


faqs — frequently asked questions on design projects:


Who is the right graphic or web designer for your needs?

Whether or not a designer is a good fit for your project can have several different factors including styles, budget as well as a designer’s availability for your time-frame. Taking time to review a creative’s portfolio can aid in determining if their style is right for your project. As your design partner, my goal is to work with you to bring your vision to life — and it’s more than just throwing a concept together. It’s also about communicating and educating the client as to why something may or may not work as well as offering sound, effective options.

How do you begin on a project?

There is typically an initial consultation or discovery session to gather pertinent information, get a sense of your objectives, gauge your level of commitment to a project and to see if we are a good fit. Consultations are done by computer, phone or in person. The first consultation is complimentary. Should your requirements exceed that, then it will be billed at an hourly rate based on a 1 hour minimum. If you determine that I am a good fit, then an estimate/contract of the services to be provided for the project will be drawn up. All projects are done on a contract basis. If the terms are accepted along with a 50% deposit* which needs to be presented at that time and needs to clear depending on payment form, the project will then commence. This time frame can vary – but generally 2-3 weeks, could be longer for more extensive projects such as Web Design or Multiple Design Projects. (*note: the 50% deposit is non-refundable)

Revision Policy ( Non-Web Design Projects including Logs)

  • You are allowed 1 MAJOR revision and 3 MINOR revisions
  • Each additional MAJOR revision after 1 will incur a $45-$75 revision fee
  • Each additional ROUND of revisions after 3 will incur a $25 revision fee

Revision Policy ( Web Design Projects)

  • You are allowed 1 MAJOR revision and 3 MINOR rounds of revisions
  • Each additional MAJOR revision after 1 will incur a $125 revision fee
  • Each additional MINOR round of revisions after 3 will incur a $65 revision fee
What is a MAJOR Revision vs. MINOR round of Revisions? 
  • Major Revision – A revision that changes the whole design completely
  • Minor Revision – Small revision that requires changes to the text, font, layout, etc. but NOT a completely different design

Unlimited changes are not offered as they are not time or cost effective and ultimately cause more confusion than clarity. The design is then finalized and delivered in the necessary file formats depending if this is a print project (high resolution files) or formats for the web. Final payment and or balance due is required at this time in order for the project to be delivered.

What is the time frame on a project?

Time frame can vary depending on the current project load as well as the scope and or complexity of a print, web or branding project. Once your deposit s received, the designing begins! Since the initial conception process is the most labor intensive, the turn around time can vary and can take two to three weeks to show the designs. While there is an open line of communication with the client at all times, in the case of projects such as brochures, website design etc, it is imperative that the client provide all of the necessary content including text, photos & images, logos in a timely manner to ensure the project flow. Not providing this vital information can stall the project as well as delay the completion date at no fault of the designer. After the initial comp phase, a project moves more quickly — provided that all essential and necessary elements have been submitted by the client.

What is the pricing and payment process?

Project pricing can vary greatly and is determined at the time of estimate. Please Note: All projects are executed on a contract basis. There is a 50% non-refundable deposit to begin a project and it MUST be obtained at the time services are retained. This secures a space in the project queue as well as reflecting a client’s commitment to the project. Payment is due IN FULL at the completion/deliverable of a project or web site launch.

ASAP = rush charges and can vary depending on the urgency of the project but average from 50% up to 200%. Under a 3 day turnaround starts at a 50% rush charge and goes up from there. Much like FedX, 2 Day Air or Urgent Care, it’s like expedited design at a premium. Needing to bump someone else’s project or burning the midnight oil for your project deadline means you gotta pay a bit extra. One needs to recognize and understand the difference between an Urgent project and an Important project.

Cancellation or Kill fees may apply if a job gets cancelled midway through production and it is appropriate to compensate the designer for the work they have completed thus far. This is generally referred to as a “kill fee”, and commonly is paid in a percentage of either 50% if pre production work has been done, or 100% if the project is in production or completed.

What is logo development? and why is it important?

A professional logo design is an investment in your identity which can better assist your customers in identifying with your brand. Considering all the materials it will appear on over time, It’s one you really should not skimp on. Logo design is a process that brings a client’s vision to life. It helps to symbolize who you and your business are to the outside world as well as differentiate you from your competitors and supports your credibility. Keeping the design simple is key!

Do you provide website design?

Yes. I work with clients to create clean, functional, SEO friendly websites that are easy to navigate providing a positive user experience. This includes layout, design thru completion, SEO integration and final site upload. There are some aspects of more complex programming that I have chosen not to do – but will seek out professional colleagues for these client services if and when necessary.

Do you offer web hosting or domain name registration?

I do not directly provide web hosting or domain name registration but can assist with this process.  As for hosting, I would suggest using Blue Host. This is who I used to obtain my domain name from as well as host my site, I wouldn’t think of going to anyone else!

What are the client’s responsibilities and necessary communication?

As stated above it is imperative that clients provide ALL of the necessary content in a timely manner and it is their responsibility to review & understand the terms of a project contract. During project development, the lines of communication are kept open and accessible with consistent updates as needed. Project/client communication is executed predominately via email. Please Note: it is the client’s responsibility to respond to designer questions/provide feedback on proofs promptly so that the project may be completed on time. Clients’ communication delays WILL affect a project’s completion date at no fault of the designer. Client delays can also potentially “shelve” a project thus forfeiting the deposit and necessitating the project be re-estimated before work may again commence

Why are design prices not listed?

Rates and pricing can be affected by a project’s complexity as well as the technology used to execute it. The design landscape is vast and varied. As each client’s design needs are different, a plan can be tailored to fit your needs and priced at that time.

Do you have client references?

Client references are available upon request.